Schools Outreach

Do you use our Outreach Service?

We have a recently developed Outreach Service available to schools reflecting the museum collections and supporting the National Curriculum. Through this initiative we are complimenting our in-house provision, expanding our service to schools and giving teachers a new way of supporting different learning styles in the classroom through the use of artefacts and costume.

What is the Outreach Service?

The outreach service offers a series of sessions delivered in your school by a museum education professional. These sessions last for 1 to 2-½ hours and involve object handling of both original and replica artefacts, role-play and costume. Pupils and teachers are given the opportunity to look at a topic in a tactile way ideally suited to complimenting experiences from out of school visits or information gained through books or the internet.

There is a set of charges for this service which depend on whether a school is a member of our user group and distance from the museum.

School Distance from Carlisle ½ day user Group Full day user group ½ day non user group Full day non user group
Up to 5 miles £60 £90 £85 £120
Up to 25 miles £75 £105 £100 £135
Up to 50 miles £100 £130 £125 £160
Up to 100 miles £150 £180 £175 £210

Roman Soldier Outreach Session

“Much more interesting and stimulating than studying from a text book”
Teacher comment

September 2006 sees the launch of our Roman Soldier outreach session.
What can we learn about the life of a Roman soldier from his clothing, armour and kit? How much did he have to carry? Find out by handling original artefacts and exploring his belongings. One lucky pupil will find out for real…with the help of classmates…how heavy all that stuff really was!!
Plus! How would others living in Britain 2000 years ago have dressed? Who would our soldier have seen on his travels? Compare Roman and Celtic dress and handle original objects from our Roman past.

“Enables  pupils to develop analytical skills.” Teacher comment


For further information or to book an outreach session please contact:

Schools Outreach Officer
Chris Smith 01228534781 ext 289 

For information on our full outreach service click here